How FastBale Works

The FastBale layout is truly innovative with two chambers arranged in series, allowing a number of rollers to be shared. Operating as a pre-chamber, the first section of Fastbale produces two-thirds of the bale. As the pre-chamber reaches its preset density, crop flow is diverted into the main bale chamber allowing baling to continue. 

1. At the start of baling, the crop flow fills the pre-chamber until the pre-set density is reached.

2. The crop flow and pre-formed bale are transferred to the main bale chamber.

3. The bale continues to form in the main bale chamber until the required density is reached.

4. Bale in the main chamber now fully formed, the crop flow is diverted to the pre-chamber and net is applied to the bale.

5. The tailgate opens and the completed bale rolls directly onto the wrapper by gravity.

6. The wrapper is raised to its working position and wrapping commences.